Danakil, ‘Alien Land’ of Africa

Talking about Africa, usually around the savannah, wildlife and dense forests. Have you ever heard of the Danakil in Ethiopia? This is a desert full of sulfur with a colorful display. Welcome to the ‘land of the aliens’! ‘Africa’s alien-like landscape’, so the headline Kelly Phillips Badal, on the BBC website Travel. He wrote his trip to the Danakil the full story and scenery like no other place in this world.

According BBC Travel website, Danakil is a desert located in the region Afra, north of Ethiopia. But, the Danakil is different with other deserts in Africa which is usually a barren soil and rocks. Soil and rocks in the Danakil colorful precisely, yellow, white, green, orange. Why so that? Because Danakil rich with sulfur, minerals and salts.

Danakil formed by the Afar Triple Junction, the meeting of three tectonic plates cracks were cut Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Djibouti. It is the largest cracks in the Earth and continue to be active. In fact, according to geologists, 10 million years into the future, is no longer the Danakil desert, but sank into the ocean! This desert is one of the hottest places on the earth. Each day, the average temperature may touch of 50 degrees Celsius and rainfall is slight. Danakil also be the lowest place on earth, driest and most active tectonic plates.

Turning to the matter of travel, Danakil able to make a traveler who came there shaking his head in amazement. Just imagine, you are walking in the middle of colorful sulfur rocks. In addition, there are craters containing the eternal flame that never goes out. At night, it looks really amazing.

The favorite location is Dallol as the lowest point on Danakil. Not only the land and the rock, there are sulfur water ponds also colorful. There is water in green, yellow, red and mixed pond.

Unfinished, Danakil also has a salt lake with high salinity content. According to the researchers, the thickness of the salt level in the lake up to 2 kilometers. You can walk on it to feel like a giant glass walkway above!

However, it is not easy to come to the Danakil. Ethiopia’s own country is a country full of ethnic conflict and is known as a poor country. No doubt, the number of hungry and high poverty there, which is proportional to the crime.

Some countries in Europe and the US are often issued a warning to its citizens traveler who want to make a trip to Ethiopia. Not without reason, in 2012 a group of tourists were attacked while to get there, precisely in the Ethiopia-Eritrea border. Five killed, two injured and four kidnapped tourists. Before 2004, a French tourist disappeared without a trace on the way to the Danakil.

For that, you’ll want to use the services of a local tour operators to come to the Danakil. Some of these include the Ethio Travel and Tours and Visit Ethiopia Tours. They offer a variety of travel packages to the Danakil, from 4 days 3 nights to 7 days 6 nights. For the price, ranging from $ 600.

One more thing to remember, you have to be careful when stepping in the Danakil. Flood hot sulfur water can cause skin wounds such as burns. Sulfur smoke is harmful because it can make your head dizzy and queasy stomach. Therefore, tourists are required use mask.
The weather was hot, the fumes are not good for the body, the cost of an expensive and dangerous crime a threat to the traveler who wants adventure to Danakil. Beyond that, the landscape that such is not on Earth would be difficult scene to be found anywhere.

“Strangely beautiful, geographically fascinating,” wrote Kelly Phillips Badal while viewing Danakil close.


11 Photos of the Danakil, ‘Alien Land’ of Africa

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