Crystal Beach on Ontario, Canada

crystal beach ontario

Ontario is place is Canada and this states is near enough with United Stated of America. This place has beautiful place and people can choose Ontario for their holiday destination. Canada also has beautiful beach, just like America, but Canada still has isolated beach because this country is large. But, people in Canada choose the middle of Canada because there are still many populations than in the edge of country. One example beach like Crystal beach is beautiful beach in Canada, and people can choose this place for their holiday. Because this beach is beautiful, there are many visitors who visit this beach.

The amusing Crystal Beach

Crystal beach is become the amusement park since 1888 and this beach has history. In 1989, the property of Crystal beach has been added with spa and the beauty clinic. This spa is so famous in summer and many people who want to vacation want to go to this beach because while they are tired after do some trip in crystal beach, they always go to spa, especially for women and girls. This spa is become the landmark of crystal beach at that time. In 1888, this beach was named by Crystal Beach Tennis and Yacht club because every year, this beach held some event for Tennis player and Yacht owner.

On the back of the beach, there are resort and hotel and this accommodation is available for visitors. This beach is crowded when holiday. Because too much visitors in this beach, the sand is quite brown and the water is polluted with people food, drinks, and other garbage. Government doesn’t want to redesign this beach because they thing have much visitors more than enough. Maybe the sand is not white, but people can enjoy the sun and they can do sunbathing on this beach while noon. Many visitor from foreign country come to this place because they feel enjoy with the sunlight. Crystal beach resort also offer sun block for people who want to sunbathe on this beach.

In the middle of Crystal beach, there is speedboat rent for people if they want to take a look around the beach. In this beach, many building available for visitors such as restaurant, shop, and clothes rent. In Point Albino bay, people can swim, lounge on the white sand, and sail around. The price to sail is expensive. For an hour, people must spend around $ 89 for this facility.


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