Classic California in Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach – If people think of California, they will think about Hollywood of course because many box office movies are produced from California. This is the right place to go when people want to be closer with the entertainment industry after all. When they visit Hollywood or Los Angeles for instance, they can get the chance for meeting with their favorite Hollywood celebrity.

However, it does not means that it is the only place where people can go in California for enjoying their holiday vacation because people will also find very great attraction when they go to Pismo beach, California. People enjoy enough modern look and environment when they are in Los Angeles so they will find really different environment when they go to this area since it has classic California look and atmosphere.

The Beach

It is sure that people will find great enjoyment when visiting the beach because it will provide them with beautiful beach as well as wonderful sunset scenery. For reaching the beach, people will not find difficulty at all because it extends from the Wilmar Street foot to Santa Maria River. From the town, people can access the beach through Oceano and Grover Beach. People can enjoy various kinds of activity on the beach including biking, surfing, and driving ATV.


People can find the classic look of California from the Oceano dune which becomes the most extensive as well as finest coastal dune which is remaining in California. It is placed at the south. Various outdoor activities can be enjoyed in this area. People who love sport can enjoy sport activities from surfing to golfing. Sightseeing can be refreshing activity which people can do in this area as well. Besides the beach, people can also find the view of vine and they can also enjoy the tasty Wine from this place. Some amenities are provided at the beach including picnic area, showers, restrooms, as well as volleyball courts. People can enjoy the park for looking the view of ocean. If people love nature activity, they can camp at Oceano dunes or the state beach. Monarch butterfly grove should not be missed when visiting this area. People can also enjoy the festivals and events but people should experience the clam festival which is held every October because this area is called as the clam capital of the world. People are able to experience coastal trails, four wheeling, horseback riding, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding.

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