Cheap Holidays to The Paris

Paris, France as the romantic city, became a dream of most people to attend. Ease of access to the means of transport in the city is very helpful traveler who is traveling with a low budget. Vacation to Paris with a low budget, is possible! Paris, a city that be famous of the romance, became a dream for some people. Ease and completeness of transportation in this city, it is easier for the traveler who wants to visit paris, especially without the services of tour agent or backpacker. Travel expenses can be cheaper.

For lodgings or accommodation, hostel could be an option, for example hostels Auberge Internationale des Jeunes which is located in the city center, exactly in the Bastille. On the first day we did not need to buy a train ticket, because on the walk we can enjoy the beautiful city of Paris until late at night.

For the tickets of subway, bus, and tram to travel around town, we can buy a ticket for 72 hours (3 days). Tickets sold around the airport or station. To get to the tourist attractions not to be afraid of lost, because Paris is a tourist town, maps available everywhere.

Do not forget, we can ask the guide must-see tourist spot, complete with a way to get there. Train ride which way, all in the guide, for free!

So, there are some must-see tourist spot. In Paris, the Eiffel Tower is one of them. Everyone knows that the Eiffel Tower has become a symbol of Paris. Yes, his name has not been to Paris if you have not visited the tower on this one. We can enjoy the beauty of the Eiffel Tower with sitting in the garden.

Sacre Coeur is one of the few attractions not served by the Paris open-topped bus but well worth a visit, especially on a bright day. Located on a hill-top, just a short walk west of “Gare du Nord” station this bright white domed building is a church of the Roman Catholic faith. From floor level it looks wonderful and terrific for some memorable photographs but the biggest “wow” is not realised until you go up the dome. From here you will get a stunning view of the city.

Musse du Louvre, is one of the museum headliner in Paris. Palace of the Louvre glass pyramid of the Louvre and a tourist attraction. Arc de Triomphe is a building that symbolizes the victory of the French and the monument tribute to the fallen in battle.

The latter is the Tour Montparnasse, a skyscraper. Here we can see the beauty of the entire city of Paris from a height of about 210 meters, 59 floors of the building.

There are many other tourist attractions are nice in Paris, all in the manual. So, do not be afraid to walk to Paris without the use of travel services ya!

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