Cape Cod The Best Places To See Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouses and Cape Cod go together like a horse and carriage and are part of its heritage. Once functioning to save lives they’re now mostly attractions. Cape Cod Lighthouse Beach is one tour in the United State that offers a very beautiful view of the beach with some great facilities and this place is close to downtown of Chatham city. There is vast stretches of white sand and a variety of water activities that you can enjoy there with family or friends on the vacations.

The most visited areas in Cape Cod lighthouse beach is the center of the lighthouse building which is still in active to use until today. At night, you will see a very bright light from lighthouse and it is very useful to give directions for the sailors who were sailing towards the Chatham city.

Anyway, the Cape Cod Lighthouse beach is not a major recreation spot in the Chatham city, because this place is the sea channel between the islands of Monomoy and Nauset beach that caused a shift in large numbers of sand from north to south. The positive things is, the beach protected from the big waves, and if there is a big wave coming, you can see the waves broke that you can see it from 200 meters at shoreline.

Although Cape Cod lighthouse Beach is does not have big waves, but you need to be careful with the tide who is changing frequently. Not infrequently some tourists had terrible event, which is dragged by the tide.

About the issue, the current coastal management has given the ban to tourists for beach activities with a specified distance, and lifeguards will be always ready to monitor a wide range of possibilities to provide security and comfort for the tourist.

There are a variety of facilities that you can use, like chairs for sunbathing, parking, area for a quick walk, bike and ride vehicles and lodging places along the Cape Cod Lighthouse Beach area.

If you want to go to the Cape Cod Lighthouse Beach, from the city center you can take toward Main Street East until the end of the road, then take the road to the right onto Shore Road and then find a parking space for your vehicle.


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