Cannon Beach Of Oregon

If you think of beach vacation and get confused, you maybe can try to search specifically for beach vacation in Cannon beach Oregon. You will be able to experience the warm holiday here. It is very gorgeous where you can see the sun sets and big palm trees. Some other places are more famous than this beach, like the California West beach, Mexico or the South part of the country. But it is not the one you can regret, you can pick this one as an alternative although this beach is not so famous. Cannon beach is a Pacific coast beach that is located in the only 90 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon. You can comfortably walk on the sand along the coast of beach since the sand is hard so it will not easily make your feet drop down under the sand.

The Attraction of Cannon Beach

If you are going for holiday with your girlfriend or boyfriend you can walk along together on the west coast of Cannon beach with the romantic view of the sun sets or if possible and you wake up early, the sun rises too. The shoreline of beach stretches for about over 9 miles long and all the 9 miles long are all backed with the scenic beauty you can enjoy. The beach is the perfect location for newlywed to celebrate their day together and also the suitable place for the men who want a romantic place to propose to his beloved girlfriend. This beach is really a dream like place with the earthy setting, beach like undertoned and also the beautiful sunset.

Cannon beach with beautiful shoreline is not only able to attract many tourists to visit the place but also has the indescribably beautiful trails. As a tourist you can also visit the Ecola State Park, this is the famous place of Cannon beach Oregon for hoarding the Emerald Forest where there are many different trails to walk through. In this Emerald Forest of beach you can also see Sitka Spruce, the trees that are over 300 years old with the trunks as wide as Redwoods. Exploring the forest to the end will lead you to the pinky sand shoreline of beach.

Emerald Forest of the Cannon beach is also a popular place for tourist to set up camp since the panoramic views are next to impossible. You can also head down the trails to a bit south to run right into the Bay City where fishing is the big attraction.


12 Photos of the Cannon Beach Of Oregon

Cannon Beach

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