Caño Cristales, The River of Five Colors

caño cristales river colombia

Brown river, it is common. In Colombia there is a natural phenomenon that will make you stunned silence. This is caño cristales, a river which has five colors! The River located near the town of La Macarena. This river is not a river haphazard and probably only one in the world. Just imagine, the river water is red, blue, yellow, orange and green.

caño cristales

caño cristales

Quoted from BBC Travel, caño cristales river began by tourists in the 2000s. Apparently, the area around the river is the base of the rebel Colombian government. Colombian military has finally paved the way and ensure the safety of tourists in a radius of 30 km from the river. As the saying goes, rafting-raft to swim upstream to the edge, to get to the river is not easy. Tourists have to get on a plane from the City of Bogota, Colombia’s capital towards La Macarena which has a small airport. After that, proceed up the car and trekking through the forest.

However, caño cristales river panorama will make anyone who sees amazed. Just imagine, red, blue, yellow and orange visible from the surface of the clear water. No wonder that many tourists who called Cano Cristales River as river rainbow! The green color comes from algae, the blue color of the sky reflected in the water surface and red color derived from plant species endemic or Macarenia clavigera attached algae on the rocks of the river. For tourists who love hunting, the river is a paradise.

But remember, the phenomenon of the five colors in caño cristales river there are times certain of. This river can be seen only five colors in July through December. Therefore, when the air temperature is warm enough for moss and algae in the river. So that they become visible bloom.

From January to May, Cano Cristales river is closed to the public so that the ecology there can be ‘rested’. The locals are now enforcing the rules and restrictions for tourists who come to caño cristales river. Tourists banned from swimming, treading moss or algae, and drinking alcoholic beverages on the riverbank. It aims to protect the ecosystem of the river to keep it beautiful.

One of the local operators who sell travel packages to Cano Cristales river is the Eco Turismo Macarena. Interested in coming to the river’s five colors?

7 Photos of the Caño Cristales, The River of Five Colors

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