The Caesar Park Hotel, A Luxury Resorts of NFC in Brazil

caesar park hotel brazil

Netherlands including the favorite team to win the World Cup 2014. Till this day their step unstoppable by his opponents in Group B. Do you know, where NFC team to stay in Brazil? The answer is at the Caesar Park Hotel, five star hotel offers luxurious super indulgent members of the NFC team, and therefore contributes to their great performance in the field. What are the facilities offered? Quote from the official website as managemnt hotel, Tuesday (06/24/2014).

Caesar Park Hotel is under the Sofitel for the management. Sofitel is known as a provider of five-star amenities at the hotel which became member. So do not be surprised if Caesar Park has super luxurious service for its guests. Owned facilities include sauna, spa, outdoor pool, and a gym with spectacular views of the coast. Well, Arjen Robben and his friends definitely pampered with luxury amenities like this.

The hotel rooms are also equipped with super fast wifi, TV, telephone connection, as well as 24-hour room service. Even if you have a private beach located in front of the hotel, where guests are free to use the towel, umbrella, special baths and lounges that have been provided by the hotel.

With 220 room hotel also has two restaurants serving Italian and Brazilian dishes with flavors that are super delicious, the restaurant Galani and Petronius. For those of you who want to relax, also provided Agraz Bar in the main lobby, which provides a blend of classic cocktails with more delicious.

The strategic location, in front of Ipanema Beach area, make Caesar Park Hotel are excellent for travelers to stay. Although the need to spend more, start from USD 310 per night , but it is comparable with the facilities and the experience gained.

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