British Virgin Islands, Vacation Spots Celebrity of the World

British Virgin Islands – Richard Branson , owner of Virgin Airlines airline , known as the eccentric millionaire philanthropist and as often invite the attention of the world . She has a private island in the Caribbean who became a vacation spot celebrities . 

Reporting from CNN, the owner of Virgin Group , Richard Branson is not a shy man . Some news about always invite attention . After losing a bet to be a billionaire Tony Fernandez and transgender flight attendants on the flight of AirAsia , now it shows the contents of his private island , Necker Island in the Caribbean , to be used as a book . Celebrity and fashion photographer named Russell James from Australia , had the opportunity to photograph and display the contents of Branson’s Necker Island . The book, titled ” A Virgin Island ” showing beaches and wildlife , combined with Branson luxury residence in a charming 150 photos .

Branson bought an island in the British Virgin Islands which was formerly a place to relax Britain in 1978 at a price of USD 180,000. The number is pretty fantastic in it . The island also serves as a residence for two months a year. In 1984 , Branson opened a luxury resort on Necker Island . The luxury resort has welcomed a variety of rich and famous . Start of Princess Diana , Kate Winslet , Eddie Murphy , Geena Davis , Kate Moss , Robert De Niro , until politicians Jimmy Carter , Nelson Mandela , and Tony Blair .

One of the co -founders of Google , Larry Page , also married on Necker Island in 2007 through a ceremony. But , these days anyone can spend the night at the Necker Island , is certainly not free . Necessary costs about USD 58 million to spend on this island per night. Prices are not cheap . With the fee , you can rent the entire Necker Island .

Overnight at Necker Island for the common man does not make sense , but you can see a picture of James Russell camera shots . At least you can feel yourself the sensation on Necker Island from the picture .

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