Blue Grotto, The Magical Blue Cave in Italy

Italy is not only interesting from the historical buildings of the Roman heritage. An island called Capri in the south, has a sea cave inside is blue. The cave named Grotta Azzurra, or better known as the Blue Grotto. This cave is a sea cave on the outskirts as huge rocks and containing seawater.

Length of Blue Grotto reach 60 meters with a width above 20 meters. Depth of this cave approximately 150 meters from the sand level. Tourists have to get into the inside of the wooden boats paddled by canoe. Once entered into the Blue Grotto, a sense of wonder really makes our mouth can not speak. The inside scenery is the blue light of sea water. The walls and ceiling of cave are black and make perfect blue color more cool. As glowing blue!

Blue color comes from the reflection of sunlight entering from the mouth of the cave and the underwater cavity, as well as small holes in the wall of the cave. The best time for visit to the Blue Grotto is during the day and evening. When the weather is cloudy or raining hard, you should not to go there because the blue light would not be seen.

The Blue Grotto was first discovered by the Roman Emperor Tiberius in 27 AD. At that time, he moved the capital of the Roman Empire to Capri and find the cave. He made the Blue Grotto be private baths. On the walls of his cave, decorated with many artifacts statue. But after that, the Blue Grotto lost its luster because it is believed the local community as a hotbed of witches.

There are the polish poet Kopisch August and Ernest Fries from Switzerland who back lifting beauty of Blue Grotto. They also describe the beauty through the book ‘Entdeckung der blauen Grotte auf der Insel Capri’.

Blue Grotto has meaning blue cave in Italian. Blue Cave has become a tourist icon of Capri and always crowded by tourists each year. Blue Caves magical!

How to get there:

From the harbor of Marina Grande, about 30 minutes from the center of Capri, you can take a boat ride tour packages to the Blue Grotto. The tickets for 13 euros. The boat that goes into the Blue Grotto boat only boat that can be climbed by 4 people.

Tourists can’t swim on there, to maintain the cleanliness and ecosystems in order cave. Even so, it could get into the Blue Grotto is so wonderful. This is the magical Blue Cave!

12 Photos of the Blue Grotto, The Magical Blue Cave in Italy

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