Blarney Castle, Kiss The Stone and Get Your Wish

Blarney Castle is not just a castle in Ireland. For in it, there is a stone in the wall of the castle which is believed can supposedly grant requests for anyone who kiss it. However, it was not easy to kiss the stone.So, Where is the location?

The Castle is located about 8 km from Cork city center. This castle became one of the favorite tourist destinations in Ireland, because the historic buildings and gardens in such a beautiful surrounding. One again, the appeal is the Blarney Stone which is believed to grant the request. Quoted from the official site of Blarney Castle, the castle has been around since 1446 in one of the walls of the castle there is a stone known as the Blarney Stone. The stone is located at an altitude of 25 meters, with a little distance between the corridor for pedestrians. Being at a height, the interval between the corridor with the existing stone wall that looks like a chasm.

What is Barnley Stone? There is a legend that tells of Cormac McCarthy, the landlord in the castle. Once upon a time, McCarthy was received case with Queen Elizabeth I. He was threatened deprived of land ownership rights of Blarney.

McCarthy is not good at negotiating should be facing Queen Elizabeth I to defend themselves. He also prayed to the goddess Cliodhna, the goddess of love also known by the nickname of the fairy queen to successful negotiations. For the people of Ireland, the Goddess Cliodhana are most exalted goddesses in their mythology trust

Long story short, McCarthy attempted to kiss the first stone he saw before facing Queen Elizabeth I. After that, he managed to persuade Queen Elizabeth I and land rights are not revoked. McCarthy then absurdly excited to bring the stone and put it in one of the castle.

Until now, the people of Ireland believe that anyone who kisses the stone will have a powerful ability to talk and convince people. Not only that, anyone who kisses the stone is also said to be granted his petition.

However, it was not easy to kiss the Blarney Stone. Tourists should sleep on their backs and hold the iron. Then, should encourage the body slightly forward in order to kiss the stone. Although there are local officials who keep you, but do not look down to a fear of heights!

Just so you know, 400 thousand tourists come each year to Blarney Castle to kiss the stone which is considered sacred. Although impressed slob, party officials Blarney Castle guarantee clean the stone every day. Do you want to try?

12 Photos of the Blarney Castle, Kiss The Stone and Get Your Wish

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