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Cheap Tickets

Cheap Tickets – At certain times, tickets can be much cheaper. Site CheapOair finding accurate calculations. Travelers, this is the right time for booking and get cheap airlines tickets.

54 days prior to departure is a domestic airline ticket when reaching its lowest point. Another option, you can booking between 104-29 days prior to departure for a cheap tickets prices. The study was conducted by the CheapOair site in 2013. Reporting from News Australia, the site analyzed 4 million flight ticket at the same price of 320 days to 1 day prior to departure.

Until now, many traveler believe they will get a  cheapest ticket when booking at the last minute. But in reality, it is one hundred percent wrong. The researchers found, the highest ticket prices just when the day of departure. Time with the second most expensive ticket is 2 days prior to departure. Time with the third most expensive ticket is 3 days before departure. And so on until 13 days before departure.

That is, if you want to book tickets in short time, no later than 2 weeks prior to departure. Because, after entering the H – 13 prices crept up. A total of 36 % of site users CheapOair do the absolute error. If visiting a popular countries for vacation, better make booking 54 days or earlier. It applies to domestic airlines in the region such as Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and others.

Here’s the time to book cheap tickets by region:

1 . Europe : 151 days prior to departure
2 . Asian : 129 days prior to departure
3 . Caribbean : 101 days prior to departure
4 . Mexico: 89 days before departure
5 . Latin America : 80 days before departure

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Cheap Tickets
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