Exploring Bells beach in Australia

If you are an Australian or living in Australia or want to go to Australia, then do not forget the Bells beach for your holiday time especially if you love beach, water or swimming and any other related activities. It is considered the best and the most beautiful beach in Australia. You can spend your time in the this beach in Australia either with your family or your beloved partner. The beach will make you witness the great work of nature and the beauty you will really admire and cannot forget. You must really spare a time to go to bells beach australia to enjoy the fun and adventurous experience in the deep blue water of the big ocean.

Bells beach is a really famous beach for tourist. Many tourists are coming here every year not only from Australia but from all over the world who will just come from faraway place to visit especially only going to this beach. If you love water sports and something really surprising, you can try several water sport activities in the flourishing water of the beach. Even if you are not really the adventurous type of person, you still have to try the surfing. Or if you are not quite brave to do it, you can simply just swim in the sea.

But of course I still want to emphasis that the fame of Bells beach is the adventurous water sports. So especially for the adrenaline junkie or people who love the water sports, it will be the ideal and very great location. And even if you are not a single person who goes alone for the holiday and already married even has kids, the beach is also quite friendly for children. Just let your kids run freely on the white sandy beach also enjoy the gentle breeze of the sea. Or if you are just going to have pre wedding photo or honeymoon, this place can also be the good choice for you and your partner.

How To Reach Bells beach

It is located in the south of the Melbourne city, to be measured up by kilometer, the distance is about a hundred kilometers away from the central Melbourne. The Bells beach was named after the very first family that settled on the location. It’s also has many great facts you can discover while you are staying.

And to reach the Bells beach, the journey is quite easy, you can get a direct transportation from Melbourne. The journey will hardly take few hours to the great beach. And to stay you do not have to worry, since the beach is a very famous place, there are many hotels and restaurants you can pick that have various range of price.

But although Bells beach is quite famous for tourist, this place is still clean and the preservation is very well so you do not have to hesitate to come.

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