Beauty of Ujung Genteng Beach, make will not go home!

Sukabumi is not only known as a cool, distant green hills of the region, but also a row of beautiful beach. One of them is the Ujung Genteng Beach. The Beauty make at home and did not want to go home. Talking about Sukabumi many beautiful places that can be visited to fill your holiday. The texture of the high plains and hills surrounded by the beauty store unsightly.

Not only hills dotted rubber plantations, tea and palm oil alone. In this plain there are also many waterfalls and beaches beautiful beaches, for example, Pelabuhan Ratu.

However, on this occasion, I want to share my experience to one of the beautiful beaches in the south of Sukabumi, ujung genteng beach. Departing from Bekasi Friday night with a friend’s car. Get there at 6:00 pm.

When I got there the atmosphere is pretty quiet and we found a little bit different with a row of beach in Port queens were quite crowded. We rented accommodation upon arrival, for the price of Rp 150,000 per night with TV facilities and wind fan. Our inn Name Pondok Koboy. pretty cheap in my opinion.

We rested for a while and then started playing with the waves at the beach after a late arrival, we enjoy the release of turtles at these beaches beach that has white sand that is not so far from where we were staying. More interesting again sunset in this place I think is very beautiful.

According to I, it could not hurt to fill the weekend here. The place is beautiful, the atmosphere is good, especially that of the traveler waiting for? Immediately to Ujung Genteng Beach! Greetings traveler!


4 Photos of the Beauty of Ujung Genteng Beach, make will not go home!

Sea Turtle Conservartion Ujung Genteng Beachsunset ujung genteng beachujung genteng beach

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