Beauty Style of Unique Tribe in The World

Beauty Style of Unique Tribe

Different tribes, different again tradition. The tribal view of the beautiful woman was different. Some are based on the long ears, some are based on the number of bracelets on her neck.

Beautiful is relative, so that many people say. But for these tribes, the beauty of a woman is not seen his face. Compiled Corural.Com, Dayak Kenyah of Kalimantan, Mursi tribe in Ethiopia, as well as the Karen tribe in Thailand have their own criteria about the beauty of women:

1. Beauty style of Karen Tribe Girl

Karen tribes living in the interior of Thailand and Myanmar have their own perception of the beauty. Is through the many beautiful bracelet around his neck women.

A traveler can visit the Karen tribe in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Some tour of Chiang Mai serving a visit to the Karen Hilltribe village. You can also take pictures with the woman’s neck length.

Bracelet neck Karen tribe was made ??of copper, with different sizes. Let teenagers, small children were already wearing this bracelet. The more bracelets, the longer the neck, the more beautiful the woman.

2. Beauty style of Dayak Kenyah Women

Dayak Kenyah tribes living in the interior of Borneo, but a traveler can menyambanginya in some villages one Pampang Cultural Village. The village is located 25 km from the city of Samarinda, East Kalimantan. This is where you see the long-eared woman, which determines the level of beauty of each of them.

On the right and left ear Dayak Kenyah women, hang some bracelets as ballast. This is what causes them to be long ears. For Dayak Kenyah, the longer ears mean more beautiful.

3. Beauty style of Mursi Tribe Women Ethiopia

Mursi tribe who live in the village Omo, Ethiopia has a tradition is unique to women, although somewhat horrified. There, a traveler could meet a woman who accidentally torn lips long for then mounted circular plate.

Lips dibolongi these women after the age of 15-16 years. But for them, this is a symbol of beauty and women will honor those who pierce their lips. Not only that, on the lip plate also serves as a symbol of the commitment of a wife to her husband. This plate may be removed if the husband dies. Conversely, women who do not wear plate would be considered lazy.

When viewed closely, everyone is different plate sizes. For mothers, this plate adapted to the dowry given her husband. Yes, this is because the plate is worn mothers are giving her husband a dowry.

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Beauty style of Dayak Kenyah WomenBeauty style of Karen Tribe GirlBeauty style of Mursi Tribe Women EthiopiaBeauty Style of Unique Tribe
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