The Beauty and Attraction of Opera house Sydney

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If you are going to take a tour to Australia then there is one place that you need to go while you are in there, this place is the opera house Sydney. Yes, the famous opera house that has a unique and distinct design is one of the most important and attractive tourism spot in Sydney, Australia. Going to Australia, especially Sydney without taking a stroll into the famous Sydney Opera House is a great loss for any tourist. So what makes this opera house become one of the most famous tourism spots in Sydney? The answer is going to be described in the paragraph bellow, where you read all of the features and attraction offered by this resort.

The Facility and Features in Opera House Sydney

Historically, opera House Sydney is designed by an architect named Jorn Utzon. This facility was then formally opened on the year of 1973. The Sydney opera house is not only a single opera houses, it is a massive building that housing many opera houses on a single building. It was known that this opera house has host for approximately 1600 performances or shows for every year. There are many house productions that are residing in this opera house. However, there are four of them that are considered as the major player in this opera house. The four of them are the Sydney symphony Orchestra, The Australian Ballet, Opera Australia and finally the Sydney theater company.

Opera House Sydney is located in the center on the city of Sydney, Australia. this opera house is specifically located on the Sydney Harbor. This facility also quite near to other important facility in Sydney such as the royal botanic garden and the Central Business Sydney. Inside this massive building there are several halls that are used for different kinds of performance. The hall itself also facilitates different number of seats according to the size of the hall. For examples, the home of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra which is called the concert hall can hold for approximately 2700 viewers, while the Joan Sutherland Theater hall can hold to 1500 viewers.

Other than the two main concert hall there are also other halls such as the play house hall which is a theatre that have approximately 400 seats, the Studio room which have the function as a multi-purpose room for different purpose. In addition to the playhouse room and the studio room there are also other important room such as western and eastern foyer, Utzon room and the forecourt room. Unfortunately, the forecourt room is closed due to the tunnel construction for the Joan Sutherland Theatre Hall in the opera house Sydney.

7 Photos of the The Beauty and Attraction of Opera house Sydney

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