Balancing Barn, Magic!!! This Hotel Looked Flying!

Balancing Barn

For travel lovers, staying in a standard hotel might be too mainstream. In Suffolk, England, there is the inn called Balancing Barn. Half the building is floating above the ground, what’s the secret?

Balancing Barn is a masterpiece of architectural wonders of the Dutch architecture firm MVDRV. Miraculous because half of the building is floating above the ground, while the other half were above the expanse of green hills. Why is this so? Visiting in Living Architecture website, The secret apparently lies in the balance! Half of the building that touches the villa made of heavy concrete. Meanwhile, half of the building again hovering above the ground is made of light weight materials.

Living Architecture website is the official carrier of this building to be operated as a lodging house. The traveler can hire Balancing Barn to try to stay in the room the sensation of floating above the ground. You do not need to be afraid, because it is guaranteed 100 percent safe!

Balancing Barn is situated in a very green stretch of hills. The scenery around is also very beautiful, typical English countryside. Your eyes will be spoiled with views of woods, meadows, and ponds that surround the hotel.

Once stepping into, comfortable feel of the house will be directly felt. The interior work of the Dutch designer Jurgen Bey named it feels very modern and elegant. It appears from the arrangement of the dining room and family room in this hotel, makes you feel at home and reluctant to go home.

Balancing Barn itself can accommodate up to 8 people. Her own room there are 4 double bedroom, with private bathroom in each room. Prices range from 830 pounds four nights. Prices are commensurate with the uniqueness of this hotel.

Before you stay, make sure the room you want to order is available because the hotel was only opened at certain periods. The open period is the nearest hotel on 13-17 October and 20-24 October 2014, the rest will be closed for special treatment. You can visit the Living Architecture website for reservations and further provisions.

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Balancing Barn Guest HouseBalancing Barn Dining RoomBalancing Barn Bath RoomBalancing Barn
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