Back To Nature, Visit Alys Beach

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When you are in town, there is no place to visit to relax your mind after doing daily job. In town, there is no recreation place can be visited. Almost all of the town just provide for Mall and playground. If you want to visit a place in town with the concept back to nature, visit Alys beach. It is the place nearby Seaside and Rosemary beach. It offers us the concept to create urban experience in harmony with the nature. This is the best place for you to achieve the calm feeling and simplicity of the town. The water is clear so that enjoy your view at the first sight.

Alys Beach

Taste the fresh of nature by visiting Alys Beach

As we know, Florida is the best place for relaxation in summer. There are a lot of beaches there. Each beaches offer their own plus side than any other beaches. Alys beach is one of the best beaches there. It is a beach where you want to find enjoyment and excitement. The design of the beach is very inspiration because it discoveries the trip to Bermuda. It has the perfect architectural for the project. The Bermuda style is combined with the type of patio house in Antigua.

What makes different from Alys beach with other is the unification from the town and the nature. All of the streets are leading to the beach and the main street is leading to the waterfront plaza. The Plaza is very unique because all wide wooden steps leading down to the beach and provide us an ideal spot for enjoying the sunset moment from the Gulf. It causes the northern edge will be framed by an open auditorium and the distinctive silhouette of flatiron building with a viewing deck.

The town in United States of America, especially Florida is very crowded. Thousands people are doing their activity every day. It makes Florida become the busiest town in the United States of America behind the New York City. It makes this beach serve their innovation. The town is employs the best urban design and architecture techniques in order to makes the best relationship between human and the nature (environment). It is helped with available of pedestrian friendly along the beachside. It can become the leader in ecologically sound living in Florida. So, what are you waiting for? Spend your holiday with your family by enjoying the excitement of the town tasted the nature in Alys beach.

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