Attractions for Children in Long Beach

When you drive to Southern California you will never miss Long Beach. This pacific coast city is really beautiful for its views and also attractions. Located in Los Angeles County, the city becomes the 36th largest city in the U.S.A and hold 1,5 million population. There are also many big businesses here like the Epson America and the Molina Health care. However, we will not talk about the city and its activities. What we are going to talk here is the attractions of this city for tourists, especially children. Here you will see various attractions that you rarely see in your own place. Those attractions are historical structures, parks, beaches, and shops.

Children Attractions in Long Beach

The first attraction in Long Beach is Rainbow Harbor. Here in the place you can hire boats and have plenty of fun and attractions. You can enjoy an hour tour of the harbor by contacting Spirit Cruises. This tour offers you amazing views from the boat and makes your children happy. If your children are bored with the tour, you can enjoy coastline bike path by hiring bicycle in the shopping complex in the marina. There are also games for young children such as carousel and the Pelican Pier Pavilion.

Eldorado Regional Park is another attraction for children in Long Beach. In this regional park, you can relax your body while watching your children playing with their friends. You may also cheer your children by flying radio-controlled aircraft and also model sailboat. For those who like water, pedal boats are also available for you and you can have great time at the lake. To see the park without making yourself tired, buy El Dorado Express train ticket that will put you to an interesting journey with a mini train. There is also Russian Attack Submarine here in Long Beach, the Scorpion B-427. Here your children can go inside the submarine and see the torpedo rooms, machinery, control room and more. It is surely will cheer them up.

The Long Beach Aquarium

Here in the Long beach, an aquarium is also built as one of the city attraction. Kids will have their great time enjoy and watch sea creatures in the tanks. They can see with their own eyes sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, jelly fish and many more. There are also land animal exhibits like shorebird sanctuary, otters, and many more. Why wait, go enjoy the show in Long Beach.

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