The Amazing History of Daytona Beach News Journal

Daytona beach news journal

For those who live in Volusia and Flagler Counties, Daytona beach news journal is their daily source of news, sports, economics, politics, obituaries, local and national weather and many more. This Florida daily newspaper has an amazing history from the date 1883 to today. When it was founded, the name was not Daytona beach news journal and it was once bankrupted in 2009 but then was raised again. For those who really want to know the history of this newspaper business, here the facts.

The History of Daytona Beach News Journal

The history of this news business was started in 1883. At that time the Daytona Beach news journal was named Halifax Journal. After it ran for almost 45 years, the Davidson family bought the newspaper. Since under the Davidson family’s control, the Halifax Journal name was changed into The Morning Journal for the morning subscribers and the Evening News for the evening subscribers. However, since 1986 those two were merged into one Morning Newspaper only. At its first publication, Halifax Journal only has 86 subscribers and they had to pay in advance as well as the advertisers. This was for maintaining the young newspaper to be survived in its first publications. The first owner, Florian A. Mann then sold the Halifax Journal ownership to J.M. Jolley. It was dated 1889 when Jolly toke the newspaper from Mann. After the death of J.M Jolley in 1908, the newspaper was overtaken by Seaman and then to W.C. Carter who also owned Halifax Printing Company. Mann, who was selling Halifax Journal, built his own Ormond Gazette in Ormon. But then shortly, he went back to Daytona and built Daytona News. It was luck for Mann that the Daytona News and the Ormond Gazette were bought by a man named Thomas E. Fitzgerald who then joined the two newspapers into The Daytona Daily News.

The Ownership of Davidson Family

The Davidson family bought the Daytona Daily News in 1928 and they ran it for the next 80 years. Under the control of Davidson business, the newspaper became one of the biggest newspapers in Florida and it attracted attention from some competitors to buy shares. As much as 47.5% shares were sold and earned $5 million at that time. The Davidson family still holds the 52.5% shares and reign as the sole board of directors for the newspaper. Now this Daytona beach news journal is the 12th largest media in the whole USA with 33 newspaper publications and affiliates websites.

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Daytona beach news journal
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