Air Travel Tips: 5 Ways be a Good Passenger in Air Plane

Give more attention to your child

Air Travel Tips – It’s not fun to annoying passengers. It could be the talk of the other passengers and given the cynical gaze by cabin crew. In order not to be passengers like it, read the first 5 following way. You are not alone when flying in a plane. There are many other passengers from the young to the old and the cabin crew. One thing to remember, be nice to people even being nice to you. Compiled from various sources, here are 5 ways to be a passenger plane that is not annoying:

1. Appreciate the cabin crew

Cabin crew, both flight attendants or stewards will be responsible for the safety and comfort of airline passengers during flight. They will readily serve passenger demand and move quickly if there is something wrong in the aircraft cabin. Moreover, the cabin crew are responsible for the safety of passengers 50.

Even so, it does not mean passengers could apply arbitrarily. Respect the cabin crew during the flight. First, you can reply to a smile or a greeting them when they wanted to enter the plane. An easy thing to do, which already indicates that you appreciate them.

After that, consider the current cabin crew demonstrate the safety demo. Each direction and command of them, such as powering cell phones banned you should also obey. After all, it’s for your own good and the smooth flight instead?

When you order food or drinks delivered late, do not immediately blame the cabin crew. Remember, you are not the only passenger on the plane. It could be they are serving other passengers demand.

With respect cabin crew, you are guaranteed to have definitely got more attention from them. Get ready to be given by the flight attendants sweet smile when ya get off the plane!

2. Do not ‘eat’ places

If that is, specifically to the passengers sitting in the economy class aircraft. Economy class is different from a business class or first class. Economy class more narrow bench and the distance between any adjacent bench. For that, you do good ‘eating place’.

Do not let your feet take another passenger leg room. Nor should the cabin aisle to stretch my legs, because it can be difficult for other passengers when walking or passing by the cabin crew. As well, do not lower the seat to the back, because it could have passengers in the back of your disturbed.

Lastly, do not ‘eat’ the cabin baggage belonging to other passengers. If your item is too much to put in the luggage cabin, the first separate the input into a suitcase and placed in the trunk for aircraft before flying.

Not a few passengers were upset when they place baggage belonging to other people, so it must find an empty cabin baggage. You also definitely do not want that.

3. flush the toilet after use

Please remember, wash the toilet in an airplane toilet after you finish wear. Do not be left out and simply ignorant. Therefore, you are not the only passenger in the plane using the toilet!

One of the passengers that sucks is they who do not flush the toilet after it is used. It can create odor and other irritated passengers.

4. Give more attention to your child

For those passengers who bring small children, it is advisable to give more attention. Small children sometimes like to act according their will. Running to and fro, or cry if what he wants is not given.

The problem is, not the kid who would rather blame their parents who are in the plane. The parents of the child will be reprimanded by the passengers and flight attendants to be reminded by his guard.

Before that happens, you’ll want to tell the child to do good and not fussy as long in the plane. Invite them chatting or joking when they are saturated. Do not cry loud and disturbing other passengers ya!

5. Care for the people around

Grow a sense to care about the people around when you’re in flight. Very simple, you can help pick up food from the adjacent flight attendant seat passenger weeks to close the window, and out of reach of the flight attendants.

You can invite other passengers first be dying to get into the plane toilet. You can ask the flight attendant blanket, so know that the passenger sitting next shivering. You can help elderly passengers or passengers women to lower their heavy luggage of cabin baggage.

There are many things that can make you care about the other passengers. Not that easy being ordered or quasi seen want to help, but believe me you will be remembered as a good passenger.

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Care for the people aroundGive more attention to your childflush the toilet after useDo not 'eat' placesAppreciate the cabin crew
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