Activities To Do In Byron Bay Area

If you are going to have holiday, try visiting Byron Bay area to have a time break and get the relaxing time. You can spend the holiday time to swim, play, sun bathe and many others. Byron is offering more than just a quiet and relaxing holiday with beautiful scenery for you and your loved one. You can also have the fun and exciting time while enjoying the tide and wonderful accommodations. Byron offers everything for everyone, from the one who loves silence and calm location to relax to people who love sport and adventure. If you come to Byron, at least remember the Byron Lighthouse and the Byron Bay because there are many things you can do there.

The Byron lighthouse is offering the breathtaking scenery anyone could not imagine. Try to see it by yourself by taking a walk around the vicinity of the lighthouse. While walking you will really enjoy the situation, you can also breathe in the fresh air and take delight in the lush green areas which are ideal for morning walk and run. Even though you come to Byron Bay for holiday, wake up early to enjoy the morning fresh time is something recommended, because if you also go up into the lighthouse, your eyes will be able to feast on the amazing views of the surrounding areas. That becomes the additional reason why waking up in the morning when you have holiday in Byron is not something regretful. The other activity related to the Byron lighthouse is joining the ranks of people taking the lighthouse trail to refresh mind and body. It is a suitable activity for people who love outdoor activity and love exercising.

While Byron lighthouse offers the refreshing activity, Byron Bay offers something more adventurous and extreme. When you are in Byron bay, try stepping into the water, do the scuba diving at the near Sundive Byron bay and you will love what you do because you can see all the overabundant marine species just within your reach, moreover if you like photography, this activity will lead your camera lenses to get the delightful objects. Belongil beach is also a must visit place for some people who love something unique and different. If you are the type of person who are very comfortable with your body whether it is fully clothed or naked like newborn baby, you can try Belongil beach since it is the legal free beach. The beach is the place for many people to swim and sun bathing. There is even a nudist event held every 3rd Sunday of the month.

Well, some other people may not feel it is a good idea for holiday, Byron bay still offers other fun stuff to do. If you are keen or simply have interest on surfing, do not miss the chance to take a surfing camp where you can learn to enjoy the thrill of riding on the waves. Or if you are going with your children and want to have some times alone, you can register them to the camp.


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