8 Type of Sucks Traveler

8 Type of Sucks Traveler

8 Type of Sucks Traveler –┬áTraveling not only provide experiences in new destinations , but also the experience of meeting new people . But be prepared , you may meet a nice guy , or like this 8 suck guys. Peek of the Huffington Post , Friday ( 11/15/2013 ) 8 traveler is annoying :

1 . The late

The late could be the most destructive atmosphere . When the pact , it will come too late when another friend had a long wait . So if the holiday with these people , do not be surprised if suddenly your plan can be damaged .

2 . The chatty

Remember the saying goes silence is golden ? But apparently not everyone followed this maxim . Appropriate nickname, he will continue to speak even no matter whether you ‘re talking or listening to music .

3 . The selfish

In one group , there must be a selfish person other than a friend , he was the selfish . When traveling with him , the selfish will not hesitate to choose the destination he likes . Not only that , a place to stay until she also specify the location of eating alone .

4 . The sluggard

It’s goal to win a holiday and relax yourself . But that does not mean you do not do anything for 24 hours 7 days . The sluggard will usually wake up very late . He also would love to sit relaxed in a very long time on the beach . Avoid this traveler , if you include people who like a lot of activities during the holidays .

5 . The overactive

Not just the sluggard , traveling with the overactive can also ruin a vacation . He’s the one who never run out of power .

It seemed , almost all of the activity will be carried out too active , ranging from the early days up a mountain , swim with sharks , to jump off a cliff . Do not expect to relax on the beach when she was traveling with him .

6 . The many congenital

Weekend getaway trip does not require you to bring a lot of stuff . But there must be a traveler who departed with too much luggage . Though not necessarily the goods taken were used . Worse , you may be asked to foot the bill for the money because he’s carrying baggage exceeding the limit .

7 . Tied to the plan

Happy with the way people plan events for traveling is fun . But all will change if your trip turns out a friend who is too tied up with a plan . This type of traveler will force the whole group to be able to comply with the plans that have been made ??, without tolerance .

8 . The arrogant

This type of traveler usually has visited many places . So do not be surprised if he knew a lot about traveling locations that you visit .

But wait , you should think twice if you want to vacation together . The arrogant will usually act as a decision maker , whether hotels , destinations goals , or maybe a restaurant . All it is decided on the grounds of experience .

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8 Type of Sucks Traveler
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