8 of This Country have Variant Ice Cream With Unique Flavors

Ice cream with chocolate or strawberry flavor, it’s normal. Traveling to this 8 country, you can taste the variant of ice cream with an unusual flavor. From the lavender flavor, until the garlic taste!

Several countries in the world have ice cream with unusual flavors. Quoted from Travel & Leisure’s website bellow the following list 0f 8 country which have variant ice cream on unique flavor:


Japan is a country that is quirky ice cream flavors including the matter. During a visit to Tokyo, try to stop by the Ice Cream City in the Sunshine City shopping mall. The mall is located in the bustling area of Ikebukuro.

At Ice Cream City, you must be confused chose ice cream flavor. There is a sense of octopus, snake, cow tongue, until ‘basashi vanilla’ in which there is a sushi contains horse manure!


France is not only famous by foie gras and escargot. In the tiny town of Vieux Nice, a traveler can try a variety of ice cream flavors of flowers!

Is Fenocchio, shops selling ice cream variants with various unique flavor. There are lavender, rose, jasmine, violets and poppies too. Fennochio also sell ice cream flavors of black olives, rosemary, basil tomato also.


City of Gilroy in the State of California, USA, known as the ‘garlic capital in the world’. July of each year, held Garlic Festival filled with dishes made from garlic.

In this city, you can taste the garlic ice cream flavor. The place to taste it is Garlic Shoppe in Gilroy Outlet Mall. Traveler who never tasted ice cream this said, it was like vanilla at first. But ended with garlic flavor very strong!


The city of Munich in Germany is famous as the host of Oktoberfest, the biggest beer festival worldwide. In this city, tourists can try the ice cream flavor of the beer!

It’s Sarcletti, stores that sell ice cream flavors this. You can try it out throughout the year, because there is no season in Munich beer!


Haggis is the name of Scottish cuisine, shaped like a sausage made from sheep innards. In England, however, precisely in London, a traveler can try ice cream flavor Haggis!

Come to the food court in Harrods, a large shopping in London. Here there are outlets serving ice cream ice cream flavor Morelli Haggis.


Read carefully the description when you buy ice cream flavors in Stockholm, Sweden. Brown ice cream could not taste the chocolate, but the salty licorice in the local language called ‘salmiakki’.

A traveler can visited Glasshus ice cream outlets to try licorice ice cream. The color is dark gray, until it looked like cement. But tourists who never tried to say, this ice cream has a unique salty flavor.


Perhaps, Venezuela is the only country where you taste the ice cream flavor of Viagra.

Viagra ice cream flavor sold in Heladeria Coromoto, outlets located in the city of Merida. These outlets received an award from the Guinness World Records, for the variant flavors of ice cream in the world.

Besides Viagra, Heladeria Coromoto also have about 860 other flavor ice cream! Including flavor Coke, Diet Coke, Chili Pepper, and tuna.


Visit to the port city of Keelung in Taiwan, do not forget to taste the unique ice cream Dr. Ice. This ice cream outlets sell a variety of unique flavors such as pineapple-shrimp!

Dr. Ice ice cream outlets commonly called ‘Shia Bing Hsieh Chiang’ by local residents. Besides pineapple-shrimp, there are a variety of other unique flavors such as fish, nuts, wine, seaweed-mango also.


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