7 Pools Maui The Best Relaxing Places On Maui

7 Pools Maui – One of the most beautiful and relaxing places on Maui is Ohio Gulch also known as the Seven Sacred Pools. Located on the east side of the island on the grounds of Haleakala National Park the area is popular with visitors and well worth a visit.

Almost everyone who takes the Road to Hana ends up at the 7 Pools Maui. Waterfalls connect each pool, and the last pool’s waterfall empties into the Pacific Ocean. Legend has it that swimming in each pool (in order from one to seven) will bring the swimmer good luck.

The Pipiwai Trail begins from the park entrance at Ohe`o Gulch and is a 1.8 mile hike from there to Waimoku Falls. The hike can be slippery, and muddy in parts, but it is well worth the 800′ climb. Several waterfalls can be seen along the trail, and the bamboo forest is a site to behold all on it’s own.

There are at least 7 pools with water flowing into and out of each one. The pools can be closed to swimming for either excessive water flow or stagnant water depending on the rainfall in the forest.

Here, the pools and waterfalls invite swimming, cliff diving, hiking and swimming in the clear and refreshingly brisk waters. After enjoying your swim and play at the pools, drive on back to Hana town to explore the town and have a bite to eat.

Maui has so much to offer the vacationer that it’s been voted “World’s Best Island” for many years running. To enjoy the holiday of your dreams there, select the accommodations option that is right for you.

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