7 Best Beaches in Italy

Maronti Beach

Italy might not be renowned for its coastline, but there is an abundance of great beaches accessible for those that wish to discover them. Some hostels in Italy are in closer proximity to beaches than numerous would expect. The south of Italy is surrounded by water on all three sides, giving rise to the Italian Peninsula. In addition Sicily and Sardinia are the two largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea being a part of it. It is therefore no surprise that Italy with its long Mediterranean coastline is filled with beautiful beaches each having it’s own particular charm.

Here both local families as well as visitors can spend time basking in the sun, swimming, snorkeling, scuba divine, taking a walk on the beautiful sandy beaches or simply doing nothing at all. So if you were in Italy in a summer afternoon, wondering where all the Italians had disappeared to, don’t think too far. They’d have probably headed to the beach which may be any of the listed below:

Marina Piccola

Located on the south side of Capri Island, this great little bay is located off a quiet road accessible by foot, bus or taxi based on its distance from Capri hostels.

The small village faces Marina di Pennaulo to the east and Marina di Mulo to the west. Until the late 19th century it consisted of a small group of fishermen’s houses overlooking two small pebble beaches close to an ancient landing place of Roman origin and the famous “Scoglio delle Sirene”, dedicated to the popular belief in the mythical enchantresses. At the beginning of the 20th century, this spot was painting by many foreign artists, whose pictures are on display in museums all over the world. Since the end of the first world war, it has developed considerably thanks to the appeal of its ideal position for seaside tourism.

Capalbio Beaches

With numerous shielded by the surrounding woodland, the seaside beaches of Capalbio on the border of Tuscany are a joy to behold. The coast of Capalbio extends about 12km from the border of Orbetello all the way to the end of Tuscany – that’s a lot of beautiful and often secluded beach just waiting to be explored!

If you’re looking for something safe and calm, it’s best to stick to the main beaches. There are three that line the coast and they all have ample parking, even if they do get a little crowded during the summer months.

Lido di Ostia

One of the couple of totally free beaches situated within straightforward attain of Rome, this is understandably a busy spot and, although it has a excellent atmosphere, is not for these keen on a bit of privacy.

Ostia is in Lazio, Italy. At Lido di Ostia, the ambience is electric; the beach is full of deck chairs and sun beds. These chairs and sun beds are utilized by a huge crowd, who visit the beach in summer. Against the backdrop of the famous pine wood, there are many good restaurants and bathing establishments.

Punto del Capo

1 of the most stunning beaches in the Sorrento area and a wonderful location to begin, and end, a day trip from Sorrento hostels. Majority of the beaches in the Sorrentos city are small. Punto Del Capo beach is situated towards the Western end of the city. This is the best beach in the whole of Sorrentos. This beach is easily accessible.

Maronti Beach

This 3 kilometer long wonder land is a single of the most gorgeous beaches on the island of Ischia. Surrounded by majestic cliffs and mountains, it is renowned for its quiet, serene calm. Its name is derived from Greek and was then translated into Latin with the term ‘quartior’ which means ‘traquil beach.

This area of Ischia, along with the promontories and sea, was a kind gift of the Aragonese dynasty on behalf of Federico who, mindful of the services and localty of the Islanders toward his nephew Ferdinand, wanted them to own the promontories, the beaches and the sea so that they could reap economic benefits by collecting rent.

Moneglia Beaches

Some of the greatest-priced restaurants and bars line the beaches of this small Italian resort, and it is also safe for youngsters to swim due to a tide breaker. It was really well maintained with rows of chairs and umbrellas and sand that was grey, but sand nonetheless, not pebbles.

Mongelia beaches are small and affluent. The beach is very beautiful, it has an attractive palm lined connecting road and excellent restaurants. Moneglia beaches are safe for kids and neophyte swimmers because of the breakwater, which in turn makes the beach shallow. In this beach majority of the space is occupied by the pay parasols; however there is always some vacant place for a towel and a beautiful body.

Amalfi Coast

This stretch of Campania coastline could not be the lengthy-stretch of faultless sand that characterize some of the world’s greatest beaches, but the hidden coves and bays dotted in and about the Lattari Mountains provide some spectacular natural beach treasures.

Land of the dolce vita, the coastline of this region is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the world. Characterized by very steep, rocky hillsides falling sheer into the turquoise sea, and the local villages, untouched by modern architecture, this area has retained its authentic charm. Small picturesque fishing villages scattered in clusters, lemon trees, grapes and olive groves, and the perfume of nature best define this peninsula.


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