6 Signs You are a True Backpacker

Backpacker is like as independent traveler who travels without using travel agent or tour group and can minimizing budget. Surely there are many things to that person is a backpacker or not. Want to know? Not everyone chooses to traveling backpacker style. Well, if you find these signs in yourself, it could be you are lovers of the world backpacking. Summarized from online source, bellow the following 6 signs you are a true backpacker:

1. Often traveling with cheap plane

Backpacker style traveling can be done at  abroad or in the country. For a long distance journey would be quicker to get on a plane. As someone who often backpacking, of course, you’ve often cheap plane. You not think comfort is the first, the important cheap and safely to the destination.

2. Have plenty of bottle size 100 ml

Fluids are more than 100 ml, including gels and aerosols are not allowed to be brought into the aircraft cabin. Because it’s often traveling only with one backpack that placed in the cabin, then you are ready with the 100 ml size bottle filled with a variety of needs such as liquid soap, shampoo or perfume.

3. Know a lot of cheap hostels

Cheap accommodation expenses tolerable to save budget. You also prefer the hostel than hotel. You also always ready to know of any cheap hostels information which on your vacation destination since before departing.

4. Do not carry a lot of stuff when traveling

Holidays still feels comfortable and relaxed with little luggage. Backpack filled only important objects, such as a few shirts, pants, underwear, hats, gadgets and toiletries. For women, you’re not used to carry a complete makeup. Maybe just for fragrances, perfumes and lipstick that can keep moisture lips, especially during the winter.

5. Strong stay up to explored a new place

Due too the spirit came to new places, you were strong enough to awake until morning. For example, to see the sunrise on a mountain top or busy to go to tourist destinations creeps into the early hours. However, despite the strong stay up, you realize that it’s enough sleep is good for health. So that you do not stay up late every day.

6. Would rather eat at the kiosk cheaper than expensive restaurants

You realize that good food does not have to be enjoyed in the restaurant is expensive. When traveling, you often have breakfast next to the full in a hostel, then day and night hunting cheap street food. This has become one of the ways that you do to save budget traveling.


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