6 Most Beautiful Old Town in The World

Each country has the old city area. An area filled with buildings that age has reached hundreds of years, with the well-preserved condition. It’s 6 most beautiful old town in the world that must be photographed. When traveling to the old city, like entering a time machine. The atmosphere of the old school is able to make a traveler amazed and capture in the camera.

Bellow the following six most beautiful old city in the world From Europe to Latin America, and to the Old City of Semarang

1. Albi, France

The small town of Albi in France still overshadowed compared to Paris or Marseille. But you know, Albi has the old town which is really hypnotic!

Old town district in the vicinity of the River Tarn or around the area of Vigan. Classical houses of red brick and wood look as far as the eye could see. With one characteristic, which divides the river bridge made of bricks and has existed since 1035. This is so the icon.

In addition, there are several churches built since the 6th century. The Cathedral Square and St Salvi, for example, that have a gothic style mix of Roman architecture. No doubt, the old town of Albi became pinned World Heritage Sites of UNESCO in 2010.

Try to walk around the old town of Albi. Usually, tourists most often spent time in the field VAGIN and bridge over the River Tarn. Albi distance from Paris reached 700 km, that you can take a train ride.

2. Stralsund, Germany

Who said Germans do not have the beautiful old town? Located in the northern parts of Germany, there Stralsund overlooking the Baltic Sea with the old town in the center of the city.

The beauty old town of Stralsund has been proved by UNESCO, which put it in the list of World Heritage List in 2002. The classic style house with a gabled roof, all in red and located together, characterizes existing buildings there.

Plus a quiet atmosphere, making tourists will linger in Stralsund, especially for those who love photography. The road is still original with paving blocks are well maintained. Just so you know, the area of the old city has become a center of community life in the 14th century. Because hundreds of years old, you really felt taken back to ancient times.

3. Siena, Italy

Not complete otherwise enter Italy in the list of countries that has the most beautiful old town in the world. Classic style buildings can still be seen and retained there. Especially for the old town, try to come to Siena.

Siena is a city in the region of Tuscany. Regions located in the old town center called Piazza del Campo. This is the main attraction. Extensive field and surrounded by buildings made of bricks become his trademark. Buildings of medieval style are still maintained and cared for. In fact, you can climb to the top of the tower there and photographed landscapes from the heights of the old town. Snap!

Several points around the old city Siena that always crowded by tourists is  is Palazzo Pubblico, the Duomo, Pinacoteca, Palazzo Salimbeni and Piccolomini Palace. It is difficult to describe in words, how wonderful panorama there.

4. Baeza, Spain

One more beautiful old town in Europe, there is in Spain. Precisely in Baeza, located in the region of Andalusia. The old town in the center of Baeza is the only attraction there and visited by hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists each year.

Interestingly, the buildings in the old town Baeza is not only classical European style. There is a mix of Arab culture, which is Islam developed so rapidly in the region of Andalusia alone in the middle ages.

UNESCO also enter the old city in Baeza in the list of World Heritage Sites in 2003. The building is like theater and cathedral to ever switch functions as a mosque, worth enshrined in the camera. Photos narcissistic there, must really!

5. Quito, Ecuador

You know, it turns out the old town can also be found in Latin America. Is Quito, the capital of Ecuador who has the old town in the center.

Apparently, the old town of Quito is touted as the most beautiful area of the old city in the world. From the church, the tower until the shops, still old-fashioned. Which calibration, apparently these buildings much like in Europe.

Just so you know, the old town is influenced by the Spanish culture that came there in the 1300s. You can see it in the San Francisco Plaza, a vast field that background there are green mountains. Steady!

6. Semarang, Indonesia

Not without reason, entering the old town in Semarang who had the name of the Old City as one of the most beautiful old city in the world. Domestic and foreign tourists who had come there just agreed, to refer to it as Little Netherland!

Old City is located in the Village Bandarharjo, Northern District of Semarang, Semarang who had extensive 31 acres. Historically, the Old Town, formerly known as Oude stad, who became the center of the Dutch colonial rule in Semarang. That’s why, buildings in the Old City truly European style.

Some famous buildings such as the Church Belenduk, Tawang Railway Station, Taman Sri Scissors, several shops, and other buildings. Blenduk church is the oldest church in Semarang, founded in 1753 and is an icon of the city of Semarang. While if Tawang Railway Station, has a platform and a shape similar to the Dutch style station.

Berok river flowing around the Old City also has irregular canals. In the Dutch period, the river becomes the area of transportation by the Netherlands, so has the flow channel and regular.

Take pictures of the Old City of Semarang, guaranteed to make you forget the time. Each corner of the course so interesting, make you feel were in Europe alone. The old city shall enter into a must-visit destination list when you get to Semarang!

6 Photos of the 6 Most Beautiful Old Town in The World

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