5 Ways to Enjoy a Fun Long Weekend in Lombok Island

Lombok island has now become another tourist destination that wants to enjoy a vacation than Bali . There are 5 ways fun if you want to vacation in Lombok feels good . Lombok island can not be equated with Bali in any terms , both in terms of infrastructure , and urban infrastructure . Including the management of a tourist attraction . But if you want to look for an alternative holiday destination to fill , then Lombok island is one of the best options .

Things To Do In Lombok Island

There are some interesting things that may not be what you get in other places , including Bali . A relatively small island , allowing you to explore this place in a single visit , if you’re planning to mature mebuat .

Before visiting there it helps determine how long before your visit . Ideally a minimum of 2 days is enough to explore the island of Lombok . Here are some tips that may be useful to you , especially for first-time visit there .

1 . Determine budget

First determine your budget for lodging expenses . In Lombok , Senggigi in particular , which is the main destination available a wide range of accommodation , ranging from budgeting to the Star Hotel . For the middle class ( Star III ) Graha Beach Senggigi Hotel is one of the rekomended .

Here you can also choose a package tour liking liking . Its location is very strategic because it is located in the middle stretch of the Senggigi Beach area . Here is also the best spot to enjoy the sunset . The hotel also provides a shuttle at the airport free of charge .

When you arrive in Lombok in the afternoon , you better wait for the next day for a tour . You should rest first while enjoying the beach atmosphere while waiting for sunset .

2 . Visit Gili Trawangan

Actually there are 3 pieces that can be visited Island , respectively – each Gili Meno , Gili Air and Gili Trawangan . But the largest, most strategic and crowded is Gili Trawangan .

In this island you can dive , snorkel , sunbathe , or just hang out to enjoy the sparkling white sand exposed to the midday sun . If you enter the local category , sunbathing is not recommended .

To go to Gili Trawangan , we have to take a boat / motorized , with travel time depending on weather conditions , normally about 30 minutes . In the course of using this motorized adrenaline will also be encouraged , especially when the weather is less friendly conditions .

3 . Ride Cidomo

You can also get around the island by bicycle or cidomo , time is approximately 1 hour . Patai line Gili Trawangan approximately 9 miles .

Already know yet what it Cidomo ?

Cidomo is typical transport Lombok . Cidomo itself stands for is cikar – Gig – Car , because it is the combination of the three means of transportation .

Gili Trawangan also provide the hotel with a wide variety of classes , it’s just that most of the water is brackish ( between salt and fresh ) . Only certain hotels that provide fresh water . If you are looking for tranquility , holidays with the family , let alone carry a child , then you should not stay on the island . Because at night , “the real life ” on this island will be visible .

At 16:00 pm preferably before you have  to leave this island , because usually the more the greater the afternoon waves . If we choose a place to stay around Senggigi beach , then we can pass the path behind the monkey forest , where we can stop for becengkerama with our brother . Do not forget to bring food , because it would be a fun gift for them . Up here the first day of your tour is complete .

4. Do not forget to Sembalun and Senaru

Sembalun , or I prefer to call Sembalun Valley , is a village located at the foot of Mount Rinjani . The main goal when we visited this area is enjoying a beautiful panorama of Mount Rinjani .

From the valley Sembalun we can enjoy ” Stoutness ” Rinjani towering peaks . We can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of plantations spread over the slopes of Mt . The terrain is quite challenging indeed , but it will all be paid off by the natural beauty of the mountains is presented . At the resort, you can also enjoy Baso ” typical cold region ” as in Bromo ( if you ‘ve been there ) .

Once here, we will pass through the village of Senaru , still in the garden area of Rinjani conservation . Here we can stop unwind , eliminating hunger and thirst , and enjoy Spring Gile waterfall of restaurant / eating houses are scattered on either side of the road . Senaru is also one of the main point of the ascent to the summit of Rinjani or Lake Segara Anak .

From here sempatkanlah to go down to Spring Gile waterfall , you only need to pay Rp 5,000 as admission .

There are actually two waterfalls that we can go through this route , one of which again is Kelep Tiu . Because Niagara Tiu Kelep relatively newly discovered , the way to get there is still a footpath , with a journey time of approximately 30 minutes walk . If we are going to the second waterfall , we also have to take into account the time , because of Senaru Village still takes about two hours to get back to Senggigi .

When you’ve finished enjoying Spring Gile waterfall , and was about to go up , try to take another path by following the path along a small river stream .

Interestingly , most of the small streams entering the tunnel splitting is supposedly built by the Japanese as a hiding place . From the structure of the building can be seen that this building was made ??in the past . From this point we will also be treated to views of nature , especially with terassiring stunning rice fields .

5 . Sasak Tour

This time we will trace the life of the Sasak tribe , a native of the island of Lombok . First of all that we visited was the craftsman songket . The place is located in the village of Sukarare ( Read : Sukerare ) . Here we can see other than the process of making songket are langasung , we also learn to weave .

The weavers will be friendly and willing to lend love and teach us how to weave good . According to tradition , every woman should be able to weave sasak and it became one of the requirements to be married . If we already know the weaving songket process from start to finish , including how long it takes to produce a single piece of fabric . Surely we would never complain about the price .

They will also volunteered to lend a set of formal wear songket for if we want to perpetuate themselves with the clothes .

Once from here we will go to Banyumulek , where the artisan pottery . As in Sukarare , here we can also learn to make pottery in addition to witness firsthand . One characteristic of pottery here is Lombok Magic , a pitcher , where the water in the fill from the bottom . Jug is what you can take home as souvenirs .

Once from here we headed to the village of Sade Ende . This village is a conservation village native Sasak culture . What is here is not really a genuine sasak cultural heritage , but a village that was rebuilt by the Department of Tourism . However, residents who inhabit this place still Sasak .

If there is time , we can still take the time to stop at Kuta Beach Lombok . The place is still one line / direction with the two above objects .

Here are some places that must visit if you have the opportunity to Lombok island . My advice , if it is your first time here , use the tour guide. This is to facilitate you in acquiring information and knowledge for the provision if a time to come back to this place . Anyway you do not want to get lost , right? If this happens very likely we will come out costs a lot more .

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