5 Ways to Avoid Fraud While Traveling

Avoid Fraud While Traveling

The foreign traveler often become victims of fraud criminals. To avoid this unpleasant incident, you can follow this 5 steps. Compiled Corural.com, here’s 5 ways to avoid fraud when traveling :

1 . Be careful to using a public computer – In some of the tourist attractions, there are available some computer that can used by public. Commonly the traveler also using this computer to access the internet and login to their personal emal, check in or just pluged flashdisk. After used the public Internet or a computer, you should remove all the data. Log out again after you logging in so that people do not have access to sewing on your data.

2 . Do not give the phone number to the new people – Meet new people when traveling become commonplace. After talking, exchanging social media accounts often do. However, you should avoid giving the phone number or home address. We don’t know yet whether he is a good guy or just have a malicious intent.  They can instead utilize your information to be mean .

3 . Locked phones – We never know what will happen over the way. Pickpocket who took a wallet or cell phone can be found anywhere. For that, lock your phone with a secret password. So, the thief can not access anything if your phone is stolen by him.

4 . Save money and identification in a separate pocket – Wallets are usually used as a place to save money and insignia or identity cards at once. To avoid criminals who exploit identification or money, you should save your money and identity card in a separate place.

5 . Choose a safe ATM – ATM also often be a place of criminals in action. To avoid so sought after criminals, you should go to an ATM that still is one location with the bank. So there is a security who can keep an eye on your movements.

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Avoid Fraud While Traveling
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