5 Nice Landmarks of The World are Not Many People Know

Landmark of The World

5 Nice Landmarks of The World – Every city has landmark respectively. In the world, there are many beautiful landmarks that tourists can see. Unfortunately, not all known to many people, as this landmark 5. Quoted from CNN, This is 5 landmarks of the world that not many people know:

1. Unity of Italy Square, Italy

Talk Italian, perhaps most tourists immediately thought of the Tower of Pisa in Rome. In addition, when there are more beautiful landmarks which can also be visited tourists, the Unity of Italy Square in Trieste, a town in the foothills.

Unity of Italy Square is the central square of the city or Trieste. This landmark is located adjacent to the sea. A large conference hallmark where the Unity of Italy Square.

Come at night, when the lights will fill the beautiful landmarks. In addition, if you are lucky you can see the famous band concert here. Yes, Unity of Italy Square commonly used as a concert venue known bands, such as Green Day.

2. The Bund, China

China also has famous landmarks in addition to the Great Wall. The Landmark that is The Bund in Shanghai. It is a waterfront area in downtown Shanghai.

The Bund is filled with some beautiful buildings and docks. Typically, people spend time on foot or enjoy the atmosphere while at the seashore. This is one of the favorite places for tourists who travel in Shanghai.

3. Suleymaniye Mosque, Turkey

Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey so other landmark buildings. Unfortunately charm defeated by the Blue Mosque. The mosque is located at the back of the University of Istanbul which is the heritage of Islamic civilization in Turkey.

The mosque has four minarets. Which makes it look special, covered by a marble building. Suleymaniye Mosque was also decorated by a variety of writing or calligraphy with different colors.

4. Ahu Tongariki, Chile

In Easter Island, Chile, tourists can see the row of stone statues called by the name Ahu Tongariki. There are about 15 stone sculptures lined up neatly. When sunset arrives, these sculptures will be illuminated by the light of the sun sinking. Her beauty is very fitting to be immortalized through the camera lens.

5. Palace of Culture and Science, Poland

Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland is the tallest building in Poland with 237 meters high. This building became the most famous skyscraper there.

In it, various public facilities available. Starting from companies, public institutions, cinemas, theaters, libraries, sports clubs, universities, scientific institutes and the Polish Academy of Science there.


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