5 Coolest Tree House Hotel in Africa

Tree House, Zambia

Not just a dream, can sleep in the middle of the wild, open to the sky filled with stars. This is the coolest tree house hotel that is in the Africa. Safari holiday was so perfect!

This is not an ordinary tree house, but very exclusive because it will give you an amazing experience different. Visiting in CNN Travel, Friday (02/28/2014) these 5 luxury tree house hotel that can be slept in Africa:

1. Kiboko Star Beds & Koija, Kenya

Loisaba in the Wilderness, there is a tree house hotel with mattresses and mosquito nets are probably the world’s most romantic spelled. Here Kiboko Star Beds and Koija. The towering tree house so secure from wild animals.

Kiboko Star Beds & Koija Tree House Hotel

Kiboko Star Beds & Koija Tree House Hotel

In it, there is an open deck, complete with a romantic canopied bed is also able to fend off mosquitoes naughty. At night, guests can see the beautiful star without any hindrance. Well, in the morning, get ready because the warmth of the sun kissed her bed facing the rising sun.

In front of the tree house, there are puddles are usually so spot antelope and zebra take a drink. To spend the night here, it takes ranging from $ 420 per evening.

2. Chalkley Treehouse, South Africa

Almost similar to that in Kenya, there Chalkley Treehouse at Lion Sands Game Reserve, South Africa. 3 Tree house with luxurious and comfortable mattresses available on it. The tree house also does not have a roof.

Chalkley Treehouse

Chalkley Treehouse

The tree house is located around the ancient trees protected. Thus, this becomes the perfect place for lovers of photography. In addition, the location is quite high giving a different point of view. Once again, this is a paradise for photographers.

To stay there, it takes up to $ 250 per night. However, the price includes dinner with the concept of a picnic on top of the tree house.

3. Baines’ Camp, Botswana

Baines' Camp

Baines’ Camp Treehouse Hotel

There are 5 luxurious rooms at Baines’ Camp, Okavango Delta, Botsnawa. Not like most luxury rooms, this one will feel much closer to nature. How not, there is a bed that can be placed on the deck of the tree house with romantic lighting and mosquito nets.

When the weather is friendly, guests can stay at the outside of the tree house. The trick? Simply push the bed from the room to the outside area of ??the room. The bed is equipped with wheels so easily moved.

Natural sounds such as insects and toads will be heard all around. Well, to stay here, will cost U.S. $ 755 per night. However, this price already includes a variety of safari activities during the day.

4. Tree House, Zambia

What was it like staying in a tree house which is on the banks of a broad river with beautiful scenery. This is to be had while staying at Tree House, Tongabezi, Zambia. In fact, guests staying here can hear the sound of splashing waterfall Victoria Falls from a distance.

Zambezi River offers a very serene atmosphere, and unparalleled scenery. This bed was located in the room, but not necessarily be able to enjoy the natural atmosphere of the maximum.

Tree House, Zambia

Tree House, Zambia

Because, there is a deck that juts out, complete with lazy chairs and tables that will improve everything. When the afternoon, enjoy the moment of sunset nan awesome here. When the night, starry sky and scenery absorb reflections from the surface of the river. It takes USD 620 per night.

5. Cloe Mjini Lodge, Tanzania

This time, the tree house is located on a small island in Tanzania named Cloe. This small island is not too familiar to many people, but in it, there is a unique concept that is Chole lodging Mjini Lodge.

Cloe Mjini Treehouse Hotel

Cloe Mjini Treehouse Hotel

Being around Mafia Island, the little Cloe’s like a hidden pearl. It is located in the mangrove forest, baobab and a variety of other shade trees.

Choose to stay at the Treehouse # 1 and enjoy the view of the beach right from your bed is canopied it. Per night, stay here pegged price of $ 220.

5 Photos of the 5 Coolest Tree House Hotel in Africa

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