20 Cheapest Cities for Backpacker Traveling

Who would not want a stylish traveling backpack style suitcase but his expenses? 20 This is the least expensive city for traveling with a standard suitcase. Let’s find out! Convenience is usually directly proportional to the amount of spending money. But not in this town 20. Because spending per day in towns can be cheaper than in other cities.

Is Numbeo, the world’s largest database sites for the data user contributions related to the price and cost, making research Cost of Living Index for Country 2015. The research revealed 119 countries with the cost of living is the most expensive to the most expensive.

Visiting in its official website, I calculate the expenditure is to calculate the consumption and transportation. The price listed is the average of dining in a fancy restaurant 3 times, 6 times buy drinks and 4 short trip by taxi. All activities are calculated per day.

From there missed if Jaipur in India is in the first position. A day there can only spend USD 57.28 or equivalent to Rp 740 thousand.

India is indeed dominating the top 20 list. But there are also three cities in Indonesia are included in this list, Bandung, Surabaya, and Jakarta.

Want more? Here’s 20 least expensive city for traveling suitcase style based on data from Numbeo:

1. Jaipur, India (USD 57,28)
2. Kochi, India (USD 65,01)
3. Bandung, Indonesia (USD 69,09)
4. Surabaya, Indonesia (USD 69,55)
5. Pondicherry, India (USD 71,51)
6. Delhi, India (USD 75,54)
7. Chiang Mai, Thailand (USD 75,72)
8. Guangzhou, Tiongkok (USD 75,73)
9. Hanoi, Vietnam (USD 75,82)
10. Kathmandu, Nepal (USD 75,88)
11. Cebu, Filipina (USD 76,28)
12. Kolkata, India (USD 77,25)
13. Varanasi, India (USD 77,26)
14. Kairo, Mesir (USD 82,65)
15. Bangkok, Thailand (USD 83,62)
16. Jakarta, Indonesia (USD 85,13)
17. Chengdu, Tiongkok (USD 86,07)
18. Chiang Rai, Thailand (USD 86,77)
19. Gurgaon, India (USD 86,96)
20. San Jose del Monte, Filipina (USD 89,74)


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